Online Classes

Good day, with the current lockdown due to Coronavirus precautions, we will be giving the classes online. The information and activities will be given during the estimated time of normal class hours. However certain information may be given before the current time or even a day before. Be warned that activities WILL have a dateline and must be handed by the currently specified time. Any questions can be sent through google handouts using the email given to you by the school. For most classes, the google hangouts group has been made. Everyone stay safe and take the necessary precautions.

Unhanded Work Warning

Warning: Any work that is due for my class will have until March 13 to hand it in. After that, there will be no more chances, as that is the final day of the trimester.

Epic Poem Test

The day of the test will be on October 31 (9-edd) and November 1 (9-san, 9-ner). The story (Tale of Sinuhe) will be on google classroom.

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